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Shri Ganapathi Yantra

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Shri Ganapathi Yantra
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shri Ganesa Yantra:

Ganesh Yantra for achievement, sensible Wealth, Prosperity And sensible Luck, and is termed Dhegiha Yantra .This Yantra is additionally referred to as As Shubh Labh yantra. as a result of Shubh Labh yantra could be a combined Yantra of Maa Lakshmi and Shree Ganesha. Ganesh Laxmi Yantra are often placed in Worshiped Place (Pooja Ghar), in money box, cabinet (Almirah) . Ganesha Yantra is that the grace of deity Laxmi and Lord Ganesa each area unit effective on it house, look and work placed. Shri Ganapathi Yantra

According Hindu Scholar Belief, Worshiped of Lord Ganesha, fan Attains numerous quite Siddhi, Ganesa is that the God of success in any work. and Worshiped of deity Dhegiha Lakshmi, fan Receive sensible Wealth, Happiness, prosperity and sumptuousness. therefore The Ganesha Yantra is incredibly Effective and Powerful.it is very useful to every one and it is very important one in yantras.


·         Ganesh Laxmi Yantra is incredibly auspicious, Powerfull and could be a combined Yantra for worship of deity Laxmi & Lord Ganesa. Ganesh Yantra, because the name denotes, could be a Yantra permanently luck, name, fame, wealth and increase in financial gain and profits.

·         It is extremely counseled By Most Scholar, forecaster And Pandits that each home shall install Ganesha Yantra for the blessings of Lord Ganesa and deity.ganesh Yantra is totally According Hindu Mythology Ganesa Lakshmi Yantra is Secret Key of Success. as a result of it will open the doors of your destiny and alter your Luck. Yantra would additionally offer bless you with all happiness and prosperityShri Ganapathi Yantra

·         Ganesh Lakshmi Yantra would be Happiness successfully. Business Person or look Keepers shall keep Ganesha Lakshmi Yantra in their offices or outlets to extend their sales.it is wonderful yantra to solve any issue.

Worship of the Deities within the Yantra:

1. worshiping Dhegiha Ganapathi within the Center of the Yantra – ten times

2. Six try of Deities within the Central Triangle of the Yantra –

(i) Siddha Lakshmi and Sri Mahaganapathi

(ii) Sri and Sri Pathi,

(iii) Girja and Girja Pathi,

(iv) Rathi and Rathi Pathi,


Sixteen Upacharas (Services) to Sri Dhegiha Ganapathi:

Dhyanam, Asanam, Padyo Padyam, Hastyor Arghyam, Mukhe Achmanyam, Snanam,Vastrayugmam, Yajnopavitam, Gandham, Pushpani, Dhupam, Deepam,

Naivyedyam, Tambulam, Ananda Karpura, Atma Pradakshina NamaskaramShri Ganapathi Yantra

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