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Shri Durgeshwari Yantram

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Shri Durgeshwari Yantram
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For ever lasting prosperity and material wealth - worship Sri durgeshwari yantra.shri durgeshwari Pooja has to be performed significantly on Diwali and usually Friday evenings. ”. it's terribly helpful and useful to use this yantra and its is powerful and therefore the best yantra. Shri Vastu Yantram


·         Mantra brings about the state of resonance between the individual and the depths of one being. They allow the individual to listen to the inner greatest powers, forces, and knowledge of the Sri durgeshwari yantra. The sound patterns of the mantra stimulate a certain effect on the mental and the Symptoms like a change in behavior, showing unnecessary anger, inflicting fatal injuries to others, going into depression, suicidal attempts body pain persisting even after medication. Each mantra is created in Sri durgeshwari yantra for this type of symbolic changes in a person.


·         There are two important points regarding mantras that should be taken into account. First one is mantra should never be misunderstood by the particular god of a particular religion. There should be no misunderstandings between your religion and mantra. Many people think they cannot repeat Om Namah Shivaya because they would be saying the name of a Hindu god when they are Christian or Muslim and so believe in Sri durgeshwari yantra which is helpful in gaining health and wealth and getting all comforts in tour life without any problems you can go forward in your life with lots of happiness.this is an awesome yantra . Shri Vastu Yantram

vastu tips to reinforce career and new opportunities:

Vastu promotes sensible opportunities and luck in our life if we have a tendency to use few basic Vastu tips at your home and workplace.A correct Vastu brings prosperity and happiness and may improve the career whereas wrong Vastu offer United States of America nerve-racking life and stagnation in our career.to maintance perfect vasthu follow this wonderful yantra.

1) Place a mirror on north wall facing south

2) Your operating ought to be north or east facing solely.


Om Shreem Hreem Aim Kubera Lakshmiyai

Kamala Dhaarinyai Dhana Aakarshinyai Swaha||



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