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Santhana Gopala swamy Yantram

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Santhana Gopala swamy Yantram
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santana Gopala avatar Pooja is performed for Santana Bhagyam or being endowed having smart kids. it's one in all the Ashta Lakshmi Kataksham/Blessings. Santana Lakshmi is that the one in all the Eight Main Lakshmi Roopa.it is an awesome yantra to overcome many problems. Santhana Yantra


Santana Gopala avatar is that the kid type of avatar resting on a Banyan Leaf. East Indian fig tree is understood as Vata Vrishka in Indic or Aala Maram in Tamil. therefore Santana Gopala is understood as Vata patra sayi in Indic and Aalilai avatar in Tamil. It means that the "Krishna resting on a Banyan leaf"Santana Gopala Puja, or Santana Gopala Homam, is devoted to avatar. within the Santana Gopala Puja, rituals pujas, Vrata and homam dedicated to Gopala avatar or kid type of avatar is performed by those couples that area unit having issues with gestation. it's performed by several for obtaining pregnant. oldsters perform it for the welfare of the youngsters.




·         Krishna is idolised with Tulsi or basil leaves on the day. typically folks opt for Wednesday to perform the puja. however you'll pair on any day of the week as no big day is selected for the puja.superb yantra cam try by any one.


·         The simple thanks to perform the puja is provide|to supply} Tulsi leaves to avatar and offer prayers at a avatar temple or reception. you'll take a feeder diet on the puja day. Some devotees observe a quick from sunrise to sunset. Feeding the poor on the puja day is taken into account extremely worthy.


·         Those playing the puja additionally chant the Santana Gopala Mantra – GIVEN AT the highest . Santhana Yantra


The traditional Santana Gopala Homam performed with facilitate of a priest involves worship of avatar with Tulsi leaves. vocalizing of the Purusha Suktam. vocalizing of Santana Gopala mantra within the presence of the Santana Gopala Yantra. The homam is then performed by the priest.

Since Santana Gopala avatar kind and Purushasooktha Hymn is related to the creation of this complete universe from God, there's little doubt that playing Santana Gopala pooja/Homam and Purushasooktha Homam Blesses unfruitful couples with smart kids.this is yantra is wonderful.


If Santana Gopala will produce uncountable species of Planets, Star, Sun, moon, species of animals, plants and birds, why cannot he bless some to possess a child??


The active space of Mugappair close to Pakistani monetary unit Nagar is Chennai was originally referred to as "Maga-pperu" which implies "Blessed with a child". The name is thanks to Santana Srinivasa Perumal whose vigraham/idol was found at a lower place the Temple Premises in Mugappair West in Chennai. . Santhana Yantra



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