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Kurma Yantra

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Kurma Yantra
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Sri kurma Yantra designed over the rear of the turtle has eight petals as within the case of the initial Sri kurma Yantra wherever the Lotus flower (Kamala) has eight teams with sixty four Lotus metric capacity unit. the explanation the lotus flower was chosen for the bottom of the kurma Yantra is that the lotus is that the solely holy flower believed to possess originated from the navel (Nabhi) of Lord Hindu deity, it is wonderful yantra to overcome problems.. Kubera Yantra for Money And Wealth


Significance of kurma yantra:

·         The Sri Yantra designed on the mount over the rear of a turtle appearance almost like the dome of a temple that is slightly mounted. It additionally depicts one in every of the basic of Vastu Kala that says that any residential house, palace or temple should be mounted at the centre to the highest, in order that the person residing in it ought to get additional energy radiation and star reflections from the Universe so as to confirm a lifetime of abundance. it is very useful and wonderful yantra to use.

·         Wood for each money Growth further on correct Vastu Doshas. They additionally counsel the Shri Parni money Wealth Box for money Independance, Accumulation of Jewels & Abundance. it's customary observe in several components of Asian country to gift it on auspicious occasions like Wedding, day, Grahapravesh, etc. to mark their sensible intention. it's ideal to stay it in one’s Pooja Mandhir at home/office.

The most Auspicious & Divine Shriparni Sri Koorma Dhegiha :

Sri Kurmam Shrine Is Believed To Be The “Moksha Sthaanam” and also the Sweta Pushkarini Has Cosmic Cleansing Powers. So, Like In Varanasi, folks Perform The Last Rites Of The Deceased And Drop (Nimajjan) The Asthikaas (Ashes) In It, that Eventually Metamorphose Into Saalagraamaas (Divine Stones). Even Mother Ganga Takes a shower during this Lake per annum On Maagha Shudha Chavithi (Around February) To Cleanse Herself Of All The Sins Left By The Devotees . The Prasaadam Of The Lord is alleged To Possess Mystic Curative Powers – once Taking This Prasaadam, The Celestial Dancer “Tilottama” Became pious And Renunciated wishes., King Subhaanga Won The War., a fan By Name Vaasu Deva Got Hansen's disease Cured.

Unlike several different Temples ,The Presiding supernatural being Here Is Facing West And thus There ar 2 “Dwaja Stambhaas” (Flag Posts) In East And West Directions. this is often additionally the explanation to allow Devotees To Enter The “Garbha Gruha” (Sanctum Sanctorum) For a more in-depth Darshan Of The Lord. This Temple is understood For Its Marvellous Sculpture, notably On The Southern Entrance, except for The 108 Pillars, wherever No Single Pillar is comparable To The Remaining. The Entry Is Closed currently, Since several Wild Animals And Snakes ar coming into The Temple. Kubera Yantra for Money And Wealth

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