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Dhvajam Yantram

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This is the rarest and maximum effective energised Dhvajam Yantra to draw ladies,so one can permit sturdy enchantment in the direction of the man or woman who use this Yantra.
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The other type of Stambha is that the Dhwaja Stambha, that may be a quite common feature in most of the Indian temples. it's a tall post-like structure, that is said because the flag-mast of the divinity of the temple. The Dhwaja Stambha is totally different from the Kirti Stambha, because it is characteristically agent. Also, it's manufactured from metal or incorporates a metal covering instead of the previous, that is formed preponderantly of stone. Dhvajam Yantram


·         During festivities, the Dhwaja Stambha is adorned with differing kinds of flags to commemorate and celebrate that exact event. The Dhvaja Stambha is gift during a exceedingly|in a very} line from the divinity, simply before the Vahana of the divinity, that is additionally within the same axial line.

·         It is said as being a medium for the Heavens to be connected to the planet, which might see it being a religious connective between U.S.A. earthlings and also the supernatural being, God, above.it is a wonderful yantra.

·         The pure mathematics higher than is divine. It contains the idea OF EVERYTHING. This pure mathematics is seen in our ancient Indian temples.Super genius Tesla with a pattern mind would see the Sri Yantra in glaring flashes. Dhvajam Yantram

The Sri Yantra is historically command by twelve strand zilch DNA religious text rishis to own been divinely disclosed around 8000 B.C.. These super-men with pattern minds and king sized pineal glands might see numerical issues as pattern 3D pure mathematics.The Advaita ( unity ) style of Hinduism appearance at god for if it drops or rises one single orbit the matter changes into one thing all totally different.it is a superb yantra to overcome many problems in our life.


It is to be noted that Pranava or Omkara adored Lord Muruga and took the shape of tiny hill close to main temple referred to as Pranava Malai. Lord Shiva resides as Kailashanatha with Balambikai Hindu deity on high of the tiny Hill close to the Muruga Temple. playing Giripradakshina around Pranava Malai on all days is nice. it's around 2-3 metric linear unit and takes 30-40 minutes to perform girivalam round the hill. This yantra is very useful and nice yantra .

It's very terrific however our ancient Indian Hindus have incorporated this principle so as to safeguard the foremost necessary place of their social setting, the temples. Dhvajam Yantram

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