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Kuber Yantra

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Kuber Yantra
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Lord Kubera, the God of wealth, there shall be showers of blessings on you through this Yantra. When you pray him with dedication, he blesses you with money, wealth, material comforts and success in your life, he also gives you happiness, peace, and success .make your Life with fortune and Luxuries. In fact Kuber is God of wealth and Lakhsmi is Goddess of fortune. Kubera Yantra for Money And Wealth.

Lord Kubera helps you in increasing your flow of funds and gives you the ability to contain wealth. Lord Kubera is called as a treasure of gods and the date to pray worship Lord Kubera is from October 15th nov. it is useful to use this yantra and its is powerful and therefore the best yantra

Kubera yantra pooja:

Kuber Pooja is called as Lakshmi-Kubera pooja. The pooja has some particular rules to be followed and some specific mantras to be said. This pooja can be performed on special days like full moon days and new moon day of the Tamil month Aipasi means from October to November. The pooja can be performed by anyone - even by very poor - as the materials needed for this pooja is almost no cost.

When lord Kubera went to Kailasa to meet Lord Shiva and have darshan of Shiva, he found him with Parvathi Devi and watching the beauty of a goddess and surprised. Doing pooja to Lord Kubera is believed to make one's life to be healthy and wealthy with all comforts and it is very useful.


Yantras help you in solving many problems that you're facing in our life. Also, the proper Yantras for a particular issue will give you many benefits. Lakshmi Kubera Yantra invites one to accumulate money, wealth, good fortunes and comforts. When you worship them, you will be talented with all riches in your life. The influence lines of the Yantra can go away your misfortunes and provide monetary gains into your life.When you attain the blessings of the Banker in Heaven and Goddess of Wealth, there is no difficult to procure in this material world!This Kubera Yantra is a symbolic representation of aspects of spirituality. Yantra’ s are used for specific purposes, to gain the quality of life, to attract rich and abundance, & to protect oneself from negative forces, it is wonderful yantra to overcome problems.

According to Indian tradition going and believing into mantra is given by the guru, one’s mother or revelation. A mantra received in a deep dream or through intuition. feeling strong attracted to mantras. A mantra can never be bought or sold. When a guru gives a mantra it is never based on a monetary transaction. A mantra obtained in such a way will have any power by doing and worshiping the lord Kubera and goddess Lakshmi. Kubera Yantra for Money And Wealth


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