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Subrahmanya Yantram

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Subrahmanya Yantram
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This is the foremost powerful Energised Yantra which can shield from enemies World Health Organization try to place you in hard things, and making uncalled-for obstacles.This will work against the blackmagic that is generated by your enemies.In straightforward this can work as discriminatory Magic Yantra. this is often the rare,most powerful and energised yantra that is predicated on discipline vibrations,which is ready by victimisation astagandha and with bhojapatri. Subrahmanya Yantram.

How to use?

·         This Yantra must be tied to the waist specifically.There ar heap of cases wherever impotence has been cured by this Yantra usage.

·         Yantras assist you in finding several issues that you are facing in our life. Also, the right Yantras for a selected issue can provide you with several edges

·         Keep the Yantra on a Altar facing North or East, inserting the middle of the Yantra at the amount of your eyes.

              Wash the Yantra with rose, water or milk. water or milk. Wipe the yantra with clean artefact.

              There are going to be modification in change way over a amount of your time however energy of the yantra won't dissolve.

              First apply wood and so Kumkum on the sting of the yantra and conjointly in middle. don't forget to consecrate the fruits of this apply to God (karma yoga).

Shatru Samhara Subramanya Trishati:

This Subrahmanya Trishati is one amongst the vital text of the Kaumara sect. This Trishati could be a secret prayoga and destroys one's enemies. The skandArchana kalpadrUma and alternative kaumAra texts see this secret methodology. Subrahmanya Yantram

Subrahmanya Upasana is a vital upasana that must be handled rigorously as a result of it will directly influence the Swadhishthana Chakra. the foremost needed quality is Vairagya. It is very useful and wonderful yantra to overcome many issues.


Even for someone World Health Organization satisfies all the higher than rules, the text warns that he must undoubtedly endure heat and burning sensation within the body due to its intense energy. Iam extremely troubled what is going to be the result and suffering a common man are going to be experiencing once he follows it blindly.it is the awesome yantra to use.

This verse is concerning Subramanya puja. Subramanya yantra has shatkona or six triangles. The unkara is written within the middle. Om namacivaya is written on the six petals wherever the spear is drawn and also the letters saravanabava is written. Subrahmanya Yantram

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