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Shri Mallikarjuna Yantram

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This maximum powerful energised Kuber Yantra is for the growth within the commercial enterprise,careerand profession aswell as increase inside the wealth and profits.
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A record of Hoysala Narasimha II, dated 1234 AD refers to the grant given to the service of the god Mallikarjuna by a particular Harihara Dandanayaka, when inflicting the development of the temple for the supernatural being within the name of his father Mallikarjuna and a tank within the name of his mother Gujjavve at his birth place BasaraLu it is a awesome yantra and fulfills all the needs. Yantra For Fertility


·         There is a belief that incurable diseases are {going to be|are} cured and {therefore the|and additionally the} evil spirits are {going to be|are} driven out and {every one} needs are {going to be|are} consummated by the Lord if one stays in Mattapalli for eleven days and eleven nights and performs thirty two pradakshinams thrice each day with wet garments having bathed within the Krishna stream whenever occasion|anytime}.

·        Another vital feature is that the possession of a rare form of gastropod by the temple referred to as Dakshina Vriththa Sankha. it's aforesaid that if one keeps it close to his ear, a booming sound of the sacred Pranava additionally referred to as Taaram, echoes out of it. this sort of gastropod is gift solely at the Kasi temple and obscurity else. Yantra For Fertility

“Jaya Mallikarjuna! Jai Mallikarjuna”

Srisailam is found in Kurnool district of Andhra Pradesh. This whole space is packed with forests of Kadali, Bilva trees, mountain ranges and Patalaganga (Krishnaveni river). All of them echo from these joyous voices of devotees. once Kumar Hindu deity came to Kailash when finishing his trip round the earth, he detected regarding Ganesha’s wedding from Narada Anapurna was terribly overwrought at having to be off from her son, implored Lord Shiva to appear for his or her son. Together, they visited Kumara. But, Kumara went away an additional 3 Yojanas, when learning regarding his oldsters coming back when him to Krouncha Mountain. Before embarking on an additional hunt for their son on every mountain, they determined to depart a light-weight on each mountain they visited. From that day, that place came to be referred to as JyotirLinga Mallikarjuna. This yantra is very easy and understanble by every person veru easily and it is a wonderful yantra.

Chandravati prayed to Shiva during this JyotirLinga. She engineered a large Shiva Temple there. Lord Shankara was more than happy together with her. Chandravati visited Kailash wind borne. She received salvation and Mukti. On one in every of the stone-inscriptions of the temple, Chandravati’s story is seen carven out. Yantra For Fertility

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